My excuse to buy a drone - Luftfotografie - Luftbildfotografie - Drohne - Foto by Dominik Berg

My excuse to buy a drone!

This is a special photo for me, because it was the excuse to finally buy a drone even though I didn’t have the money for it.
I was yearning for years to have a drone, because first of all, I still have a mind of a 5-year old, thus I like all kind of gadgets.
Second, as a photographer it was never so easy to get into aerial photography. Everybody was taking these amazing images, and I was still saving money for my drone. (That was in 2016, btw)

Be always confident!

I took this image for a relatively new client, because they asked me if I could take a drone photo of this property.
Confidently I said: “Sure, no problem.“
Unfortunately, I neither had a drone nor flew one.

Rely on your friends!

I called a friend of mine who was doing drone flying professionally and asked him about the laws and permissions I would need.
Because I was always waiting for this excuse to finally buy one, I did already all the researches and knew exactly what kind of drone I wanted to buy.
I got all the necessary permissions quickly, which was one problem solved.

The drone was sold out.

The drone on the other hand was sold out everywhere and my deadline to take the image came closer and closer.
Finally, I ordered the drone in a store in Luxembourg, and they delivered it just one day before the shooting started.
So I was standing there at my new clients property, had no chance to practice this thing and wanted deliver a stunning image of the property.

Overcome your fear to achieve great things

I was nervous like crazy but these drones work like a charm.
Fortunately, I drove lots of remote controlled cars and got a bit of experience. These drones have GPS support, so it’s actually not that hard to fly them.
This drone is still my workhorse and I’m not only taking amazing images with it, meanwhile I actually prefer shooting videos with it.


– Dominik Berg –

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