My first beverage shot - ein Artikel von Dominik Berg

My first beverage shot

I’m a person who learns best by self education.
I saw a video of Rob Grimm on YouTube, a beverage photographer with tons of experience and an amazing portfolio.
Since I saw him in the video taking an image of a beverage in front of an aquarium where he threw fruits in, I decided that I want to try something similar.

It was the my favourite drink as a child!

Orangina was the first beverage that popped in my mind, because it was one of my favourite drinks as a child.
I remembered that they were always using oranges in their commercials, perfect for the recreation of Rob’s photo.
So I bought a pack of Orangina, some oranges and a cheap aquarium. Then I watched Rob’s video like 10 times in a row and tried to recreate his shot. Back in 2015 that was my first try to take such an image and I’m actually still happy with the result.

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