Dominik Berg - Commercial Photographer

Location location location

Like in the real estate market, location is key to take amazing landscape images. I’m absolutely convinced that you can find nice angles everywhere to make beautiful images. Even in landscape photography the worst places can have a nice charm.

Travel and hike to the best places!

But it’s so much easier to take breathtaking images, when going to breathtaking places.
Landscape photographers should travel and hike to the best places and wait for the perfect weather conditions and best lighting, even when it takes several attempts to get your image.

In a nice location, you basically press the button and get great results.

Here I was in Vernazza, which is one of the five cities of „cinque terre“ in Italy.
I was actually there to get some nice landscape images and were not planning to take a portrait picture of me. After I came back and were culling through my images, it was really hard to decline any of them. This place is just so beautiful that it’s hard to mess up. This is just a random picture my girlfriend took of me and I love it.

It’s hard to make it ugly!

I mean look at this fabulous background. Seriously, you could place the ugliest thing in the world in front of it and still get away with a decent enough image to share in your profile.


– Dominik Berg –

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