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What do I like about industrial photography?

The most exciting angles are often found at extraordinary places. Industrial photography has the potential of finding these special angles. As a photographer you climb in crazy heights of a warehouse, send your camera through an assembly line or stand in the middle of steel factory in a shower of sparks. I really love the challenge to pursue the best angles for you.

That two point perspective is delicious.

I took this image for an architect who planned this new extension for a tire company. The two point perspective is one of my favourite in architectural photography and for this image it was really obvious to go for it. I got nice leading lines, while keeping the image as symmetric as possible. Plus, very flattering light came through the huge door, that I had to go for that angle. But be careful, the two point perspective is not always useful and it can be overdone very quickly. For my taste I always try every possible angle, before I set my camera on the tripod. Even here, where it was that obvious, I tried many positions and got great images. I’ll share those later in my feed, so stay tuned.

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