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How to use light painting to your advantage

Technically (uuh I actually hate myself for starting a blog like that!) as a photographer you are already using the light painting technique all the time.
Literally, photography means writing (or painting) with light. The word has a Greek origin, “phos” or “photos” means “light” and “graphê” means “writing” or in a bigger context probably painting.

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Zhiyun Crane 2 unboxing

I’ve bought the Zhiyun Crane 2 and I love it.

Zhiyun or a glidecam?

One of my favourite Youtubers is Devin Graham. He started his career with amazing looking travel videos and became a really famous youtuber with his action videos. He always used a Glidecam, a gimbal that worked only with weights as counterbalances. It takes a lot of practice to get great stable footage out of it, and they are fairly bulky to transport.

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Dominik Berg - Commercial Photographer - Thanks for 1000 follows

Thank you for 1000 follows!

I’m blown away. I started this account as a little private experiment, to show some of my photography work. In just 4 months it grew to 1k follows, even I’m not uploading regularly and stopped with my stories due to some projects going on. I promise to start vlogging again soon. I’m really pumped. Thanks for the love, comments, double taps and DMs.

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Dominik Berg - landscape photography - Portofino

My true passion!

Getting on adventures with my girlfriend is my absolute passion. When I see this image of Portofino it reminds me of one of the best times I had so far in my life.

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Köln Kranhäuser - Foto von Dominik Berg - star trails

Let’s talk about star trails

Yep, everybody who is into night photography might have heard about star trails. So let’s talk about them for minute. I’m a huge fan of star trails and I think they are great creative detail in photography that reminds somebody on the same time that we are just a tiny little appearance in this wonderful world.

Every time I look at the stars it makes me just humble and let me forget a minute about all the daily nonsense I think might be important. It’s just mind boggling that every star is actually a solar system with planets and shit. Then there are billions of these solar systems which build a galaxy. On top of that there are billions of those galaxies which are part of a cluster. And then there are billions of these…. UUUUUUH you see what I mean. Sometime, it just freaks me out a bit when I think about it.

I’m actually not an expert in night photography

Unfortunately, I’m not watching stars as often as I like. One of the many reasons I wanna dig deeper into the night photography game. Before we talk about capturing star trails, we should talk about taking a “normal” night image.

What gear do you need?

Yep for every kind of photography you need a certain type of gear. Before you heavily invest in it, you should always consider renting stuff and check if it is really up to you. In case you wanna achieve high quality images, I would recommend a full-frame camera with a good sensor that offers a good low-light performance and a wide fast lens with an aperture of at least 2.8. I recently switched from Canon to Sony. The good thing about that is that I can use now really old lenses as well. There are some manual focus lenses with an amazing aperture for cheap money. I really want to try one of those as well one day.

I fucked up.

When I captured this image I made it with Canon 6D and my 24mm Tilt-Shift lens which has not the best aperture. Then this photo was taken in the middle of Cologne where is a crazy amount of light pollution. For night photography you should stay away as far as you can from cities. That night I god perfect weather conditions but captured only a few stars. My result was bad, so I used another star trail exposure I had in my catalogue and cheated a bit.

The lighten blend mode is the secret

Here is how you do it correctly! You need to capture a lot of images, I would say at least 50 – 500 photos of the stars. Then you put those files together in Photoshop using the lighten blend mode. Because the stars are moving, they produce star trails. If you get really creative, you can blend these star trails into a blue hour shot with low ISO and therefore almost noise-free, like I did for my image.

I need to practice more

Now it’s up to you. Try to shoot your own star trails. Once you achieved that, blend them in a blue hour shot. I really have to practice more and will do soon.

Dominik Berg - Photographer - Switzerland - time for some escapism

Time for some escapism

When you’re hustling everyday you need some kind of escapism to keep your sanity. Since I founded my media agency MontMedia AG, I don’t have time for socialising or any other kind leasure. The only spare time I have, I like to spend time with my family. So my escape is the following:

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Leverage is worth more than money!

Mercedes Benz 300 SL roadster - Foto von Dominik Berg

Why combining two types of photography makes sense!

When I started my professional photography career, everybody told me to niche down.

Sure it makes sense to do that. To become a real expert in one field is mainly achieved by practising like crazy.
Then, there is the gear issue.
Every type of photography uses different kind of gear. As a portrait photographer you would need a telephoto lens or a prime with great bokeh.

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Industrial Photographer - Dominik Berg - Industrial Photography

What do I like about industrial photography?

The most exciting angles are often found at extraordinary places. Industrial photography has the potential of finding these special angles. As a photographer you climb in crazy heights of a warehouse, send your camera through an assembly line or stand in the middle of steel factory in a shower of sparks. I really love the challenge to pursue the best angles for you.

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Sonnenuntergang Foto - Architekturfotograf - Foto by Dominik Berg

What is a twilight image?

Well, I think you guessed correctly, it’s basically an image done at twilight ;).
In architectural photography a twilight image is balances at least two light sources, the natural light and the interior light of the building. You can add as well some flash light to get more creative.

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Flughafen Luxembourg - Foto von Dominik Berg - busy places

How to take pictures in busy places?

This is the airport of Luxembourg.
Like every airport it’s an absolute busy place, which is a common problem in architectural photography.
There are different options to deal with unwanted people, cabs, constructions sites or anything else that doesn’t belong in a proper architectural image.

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Europäischer Gerichtshof - Kirchberg Luxembourg - Foto by Dominik Berg - Perspective is everything

Perspective is everything.

These are the golden Towers of Luxembourg. They belong to the European Court of Justice and currently they are a building a third one. There is a lot of love and hate whether they are beautiful or just the ugliest thing on the Kirchberg in Luxembourg. Things that polarise bring always good publicity, so I decided to use this image for my portfolio.

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Interieur Fotografie - Foto by Dominik Berg - Architekturofotograf - An intro to tilt shift lenses

An intro to tilt shift lenses!

As an architectural photographer you work either with realtors, architects or do commercial stuff. Realtors are pretty forgiving when it comes to perspective distortion, architects and agencies not so much. See, when you use a wide angle lens and tilt your camera up, buildings get really distorted. That’s were tilt shift lenses come in play!

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Dominik Berg - Commercial Photographer

Location location location

Like in the real estate market, location is key to take amazing landscape images. I’m absolutely convinced that you can find nice angles everywhere to make beautiful images. Even in landscape photography the worst places can have a nice charm.

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Interior - Photography - Image - Dominik Berg - One crucial advice to take better interior shots!

One crucial advice to take better interior shots!

People always ask me why their images don’t look as clean as mine do. To take clean shots, you need a clean room. I know, it’s not the most pleasant part of architectural photography but probably the most important.

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Start working for free! It will change your business tremendously!

Place d'Europe - Philharmonie Luxembourg - Why I love Luxembourg so much!

Why I love Luxembourg so much!

I was born in Trier, which is really close to the border of Luxembourg. In like 10 minutes, me and my family could cross the border and hop over from Germany to Luxembourg.
Therefore, I never really felt German that much. Before the borders were opened in 1995 (I think), we had to show our passports and were checked by the customs.

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My first beverage shot - ein Artikel von Dominik Berg

My first beverage shot

I’m a person who learns best by self education.
I saw a video of Rob Grimm on YouTube, a beverage photographer with tons of experience and an amazing portfolio.
Since I saw him in the video taking an image of a beverage in front of an aquarium where he threw fruits in, I decided that I want to try something similar.

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Overcome your fear to achieve great things…

Mercedes SLR - slr forbidden property

SLR on forbidden property

Yes, I’m a petrol head and it’s my favourite thing to take images of cars. I like driving cars, I like listening to cars, I like the shapes of cars and I like the engineering of cars.The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a very special one and this example is one of the first, built in 2003. A carbon fibre super car with 626 HP, a top speed of 334km/h and from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. I was so happy as I got the chance to take an image of the SLR.

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My excuse to buy a drone - Luftfotografie - Luftbildfotografie - Drohne - Foto by Dominik Berg

My excuse to buy a drone!

This is a special photo for me, because it was the excuse to finally buy a drone even though I didn’t have the money for it.
I was yearning for years to have a drone, because first of all, I still have a mind of a 5-year old, thus I like all kind of gadgets.
Second, as a photographer it was never so easy to get into aerial photography. Everybody was taking these amazing images, and I was still saving money for my drone. (That was in 2016, btw)

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Architectural Photography of modern houses

The foundation of my professional career!

This image tells the story of the foundation of my professional career as a photographer.
Although I’m doing any commercial photography, I love taking images of architecture, but had no idea how to make a living in this field.

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Dominik Berg - Commercial Photographer

Hi I’m Dominik

This is me. My name is Dominik. I’m a photographer born in Germany and based in Luxembourg. I like taking pictures of cars, architecture, landscapes and any sort of commercial imagery, like beverages, products or business photos. Until today, I never shared any of my photos on the internet. Actually, I just launched my personal website a few days ago 🙂
It would mean the world to me, if you check it out.