About me

Dominik Berg


Dominik Berg is a Luxembourg based photographer specializing in Architecture, Interiors, Commercial Product, Beverage as well as Car Photography.

Dominik was born in Trier Germany. He studied at the University of Cologne and a year abroad the University of Warwick in the UK. After getting his Master’s degree, he successfully mastered his internship in Oberhausen to achieve his state examination.

Right after being ready to apply for a job, he decided to take the risk to make a living by doing what he loves and started to run his own business.

Therefore, Dominik founded his company MontMedia AG a full-service media agency based in Senningerberg, Luxembourg. Among other services, his full-service media agency offers Commercial Images for international clients, which allows him to work on exciting photo project and to enhance his own portfolio.

Dominik works for his projects both in studio and on location. Many times he combines artificial and natural light to create a unique composition out of many images. He is always looking for new exciting and challenging projects to improve his skills and push his business further.

Recently, Dominik got more into videography and decided to use these new skills to start building his personal brand.

By using different social media channels and especially Instagram Stories for the first time, he wants to document his personal life and the development of his business to share it with you.

If you want to see Dominik’s path and what he’s up to right now, just click on the social media icons on the right.